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Getting flowers has never been so simple and convenient

       My partner had a rough day at work.  She was sad and upset when I spoke to her.  I had a long day at work myself.  I was tired and just wanted to go home but I decided to use the On the Go Flowers app.  I easily found a street flower vendor on my way home.  When I got home and gave my partner the flowers, she was ecstatic.  This totally uplifted her mood.  Not only did I make my her happy, but I also helped a small local business in the process.  

Joshua M.

Image by benjamin hershey

What we do

Flowers have a special way to lighten up someone's day.  No other gift says I care about a person more than flowers.  What better way to do so than to offer an easy, convenient and most importantly fast way of getting them.  


How many times have you been riding around the city and seen a street vendor selling flowers when you really do not need them?  The moment that you do, there is not one in sight.  We understand that some local stores and supermarkets carry flowers but it can be a mission to find the ones that do.  The moment you do, you then must find parking, go inside, select your flowers and then wait in line to pay are added inconveniences and time consuming tasks we want you to avoid.   


Our platform is set-up to help you locate the flower vendor nearest to you so you do not skip a beat and continue on your journey without even having to get out of your vehicle. 


Our Mission

On the Go Flowers was not solely created with the idea of facilitating you the consumer but also to help a large community of unsung and hard working individuals trying to make a honest living.  Typically, the street-side flower vendors often times go unnoticed because their limited exposure.  As a result, their business suffers and it is not as fruitful as it could be.  

We offer them a platform to promote, find and help them sell their products.  It is a win-win for everyone.

Flower market

How it works

Our platform has a growing community of local flower vendors with their real-time location point.  Once the vendors login into their app portal, the GPS tracker shows them as available.  A directory with their contact information and email address is available to you.  Some vendors will have online marketplace in our platform as well if you choose to go the route of ordering online.    

How it Works

Through the app, find flower vendor that is on your way home

Head to the location as you are guided by the app 

Select and purchase the flowers of your choice

Arrive home and give the flowers to that special person

See the joy and happiness it brings to them

  • What are the benefit of using the app versus typical search engines?
    - It has a growing community of local vendors that do not have an online presence - It uses a real-time GPS locator to identify vendors - It is geared towards facilitating efficient and fast service to its users - It helps small businesses to grow
  • What is the cost of this service?
    It is free. There is no cost to use the services to locate and contact vendors. Vendors can join the community at a low monthly premium which includes exposure to all the app users, banner ads and social posts as well as access to sell their merchandise online.
  • How do I access the service?
    It can be accomplished through the use of a mobile device app or through a standard internet website.


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